Here's What Broncos QB Brandon Allen Has to Fix in Time to Face the Vikings

Erick Trickel

Any quarterback is going to have nerves in their first start in the NFL, but Brandon Allen was able to endure his at Mile High in front of the home crowd, putting together a solid performance for the Denver Broncos. 

Taking on the Cleveland Browns, and their struggling defense, was beneficial as well. It was a good game for Allen to get the nerves out.

Then the Broncos had their bye week, which also came at a really good time for the team, especially with the quarterback change. Denver has a really tough game coming up against the Minnesota Vikings, and they've gotten the extra time to prepare, which was needed.

But Allen has work to do. It was a solid showing in his first career start, but it wasn’t without flaws. He got a lot of help from the play-calling and the performance of Courtland Sutton, Noah Fant, and the Broncos running game. 

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Being able to rely on the ground attack was a major help, and it led to the quarterback only having to attempt 20 passes. Allen was helped by the supporting cast, and that is something he may not have the benefit of going on the road to Minnesota. 

The Vikings are a really good rushing defense, so there will be more pressure on Allen in the passing game. He will need to be better than what he did in his first career start, as this is a Vikings defense that is very opportunistic in attacking the passing game, going after interceptions.

Can Allen build on the performance he had, and elevate his play against an even better team? Only time will tell, but this is one game that is going to fall on the shoulders one the inexperienced quarterback.

There are specific improvements Allen will need to make for the Broncos to have a shot in this one. I lay them out in the video above. 

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