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Simmons: Russell Wilson Has Set 'Really Fun' Standard for Broncos

A sit-down with MHH to discuss Denver's new QB.

Moving is never easy, even for star football players. USAA can help, and they did just that for D.J. Jones — with an assist from Justin Simmons. The Broncos star safety recently took the team's new defensive lineman on a tour of the Denver area, courtesy of USAA, and then stopped by to tell Mile High Huddle his take on another newcomer, quarterback Russell Wilson.

Ever since the Broncos made the trade for Wilson, there has been quite a buzz. That buzz has been focused on what Wilson can do on the football field, but it also has to do with how he can elevate the entire franchise.

“He’s just been himself and I think that is the biggest key," Simmons told MHH. "He’s always been a winner, he’s a been champion, he knows what it takes. When he came in, there is nothing flashy that he’s been doing, nothing over the top. He’s just been himself, and he’s been consistent with it. I’ve been saying it over and over: his meticulous attention to detail and the preparation he has for that is unlike anything that I have seen.”

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Having a new leadership presence of Wilson’s caliber at the most important position in sports is going to make the Broncos a better team than what fans have seen in the past few seasons. And there's a reason why they're now a bonafide contender.

“I just can’t wait for everyone to see the new look in terms of confidence, poise, and aggression that we’re ready to play with," Simmons said. "Russ has been great, he’s been great for us, he’s been great for the locker room, he’s been great for our leadership and I think he is just going to do nothing but elevate us.”

The road to the playoffs starts on the practice field. Organized Team Activities and minicamp work highlighted the competitive nature that Wilson boasts. When asked what Wilson brings competitively in practice, Simmons has seen a marked improvement from seasons past.

“Obviously on the defensive side of the ball, playing against him every day in practice, we got a bunch of guys on our side of the ball, so going in practice back and forth, having that competition, that high level of competition has been a lot of fun," he said. "The standard that Russ has set is really is what was really fun to watch. I think you saw guys stepping up left and right.”

After several years of subpar QB play, the trade for a future Hall of Famer harkens back to the Peyton Manning signing in 2012. Wilson exudes that type of leadership and also a standard of excellence that has long been missing. The Broncos are true contenders for the first time since Manning, and there is an abundance of optimism for the future.