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What we Know about Eagles' Interest in Trading for Chris Harris, Jr.

The Philadelphia Eagles are reported to have interest in the Broncos' four-time Pro Bowl cornerback. Is this a case of smoke or is there fire at the source of this buzz?

The Denver Broncos have made a move prior to the trade deadline on October 29th, and that might be the extent of it. However, there is another key veteran on the roster that has received a lot of interest from other teams — cornerback Chris Harris, Jr. 

With where things stand right now, it does not seem like the four-time Pro Bowler is on the move, but that can all change.

So with the deadline fast approaching, where does everything stand between the Broncos and Harris? What is his status going forward and is there still any chance he can be traded?

It's a fluid situation and there is still one game left prior to the trade deadline, as the Broncos travel to take on the Indianapolis Colts in Week 8. That one game can be a huge factor in any potential trade happening with the Broncos involving Harris.

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The Philadelphia Eagles have reported interest in acquiring Harris. But what would it take to get Denver to budge? I break it all down in the video above

While Harris is the one obvious name left on the roster for the Broncos that can be moved, he isn’t the only player other teams have called about. For as bad as the Broncos are, there are multiple veterans on this roster that teams with playoff aspirations feel can be a missing piece for their current situations.

These players may not end up seeing themselves get traded, but the interest is there. The price has to be right as the Broncos are not a team that trades players just for the sake of trading players. 

The Broncos have a value in place for each personnel asset and are not really budging from that. In terms of the players Denver would even consider trading, Chris Harris, Jr. is the one the team has the highest value on.

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