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Russell Wilson: Broncos Must Have Ability to 'Flick The Switch'

Wilson asks teammates to jump onboard.

When nine-time Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson recently sat down to talk shop with Denver Broncos teammate Justin Simmons, it was inevitable that he wasn’t going to keep his own counsel. One of Wilson’s core strengths is that he speaks passionately about football, with his deep-rooted motivation for both playing and winning consistently shining through.

Wilson went straight to the point, and he left Simmons in no doubt about the areas winning clubs must excel in to reach their goals.

“There’s a few things I think a winning team has to have. First of all, they have to be able to flick the switch, “Wilson told Simmons on Broncos TV. “There’s a switch that’s always on and at times you get to know it when it turns off, and then it’s back on. And there’s not an effort to turn it back on; it just comes on. And that’s what we are really learning and capturing. I think the defense has always had that. Offensively, we are really learning that right now, and it’s coming along. Got to know when to switch that on, and really it should be on almost all the time.”

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Intensity is also one of Wilson’s calling cards and having already accomplished the ultimate goal of winning a championship, it’s bound to resonate with even experienced teammates like Simmons, an All-Pro. If the Broncos are going to become a genuine contender again, the days of merely making do need to become a thing of the past.

Wilson knows that many different moving parts and sweeping organizational ideologies go into constructing a winner. Therefore, he’s fully aware that he has to place such beliefs firmly in the hearts and minds of his teammates.

“There’s another part that you gotta have, and that’s unrelenting belief,” Wilson told Simmons. “The best teams in the world, they have unrelenting belief. Doesn’t matter what the score is, doesn’t matter what it looks like, doesn’t matter what happened the week before, didn’t matter what happened. Like, we are going to believe and that’s it. There are no other options.”

Traditionally, quarterbacks set the tone in the locker room, meeting rooms, and out on the practice field. Wilson is more than happy to preach these success-driven mantras because he’s honed and perfected them over a decade of playing football at the highest level.

Heading into training camp, only four weeks from now, it’s a sure bet that the entirety of Wilson's squadmates have no option but to be carried along on his positive tidal wave of unrelenting belief.