Six Wishlist D-Linemen the Broncos Can Target in 2020 via Draft & Free Agency

Erick Trickel

The Denver Broncos' defensive line is concerning, especially in the wake of the Derek Wolfe injury. With Wolfe hurt, the Broncos are missing the only stable and consistent piece they've had on their D-line, and it's unfortunate for him that it came during a contract year, which may lead to a drop in value and a lower contract in the spring.

There isn’t anything the Broncos can really do to replace Wolfe this year, outside of defensive linemen stepping up their game. The important piece was rookie third-rounder Dre’Mont Jones, but he left Week 14's tilt against the Houston Texans early with an ankle injury.

Shelby Harris has been very inconsistent this season. He is also in a contract year, and his value is a complete mystery. 

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There have been some huge moments from Harris this season, but there is just no consistency to his game, and he's had some big issues against the run this season.

DeMarcus Walker had been inactive for several games in a row leading up to Week 14, with Adam Gotsis taking his place for a time, after himself being inactive for a long stretch beforehand. Both Walker and Gotsis have had some bright spots this season, though.

Gotsis has been playing solid football and has looked solid as a pass rusher. Walker has gotten after the quarterback very well, but his run defense has been average.

With there not being a way for Denver to replace Wolfe this season, the team will have to wait to address the unit in 2020. There are a few ways the Broncos can go to do that in the draft and in free agency.

In the video above, I break down exactly what those top options are for the Broncos to pursue for the D-line in 2020. 

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Nick Kendell
Nick Kendell


You had me at Chris Jones


I love all these options. I would be happy with any of them. What if, and it’s a big What If, Denver signs one of these veterans and ALSO drafts Brown/Kinlaw? That would be a dirty front.