What Broncos Fans Need to Know About the Seven 2020 Undrafted Rookies

The Broncos signed seven undrafted rookies following the draft. Fans don't know a lot about this group. Here's what we know for now.

The Denver Broncos have gone out and added 17 rookies with 10 of them bring draft picks. The 10 draftees have been analyzed and broken down quite a bit already, but the undrafted free agents are where Denver has a great history of finding talent. 

The Broncos signed seven rookies who didn't hear their name called on draft day. Considering that fans don't know much about this group, allow me to provide some info and insight. 

Keep in mind; with a couple of these rookies, there is little-to-no tape so some highlights were used to form the analysis you'll read below but highlights aren’t the best way to scout a player. Keep that in mind. 

Riley Neal, QB | Vanderbilt

6-foot-6, 225 pounds

Neal's arm is an interesting enigma. While he can put decent velocity on it, he doesn’t have the arm strength to make all the NFL throws. The accuracy is quite solid and he is a decent athlete with decent mobility. 

Touch is something he doesn’t know how to throw with, however, and he seems to lack confidence the farther downfield he is throwing. With the quarterbacks Denver already has, Neal isn’t much of a threat to steal their jobs. 

While I watched quite a bit of him, Neal didn’t meet certain standards to get a grade, meaning he would’ve carried an undrafted grade most likely.

LeVante Bellamy, RB | Western Michigan

5-foot-9, 192 pounds

This is a guy who just finds the end zone and knows how to create for himself. He doesn’t have great size and isn’t the toughest runner, but he is quick and can make defenders miss. 

Playing at Western Michigan, he dealt with some poor offensive line play and still came up big even against a little tougher competition. He is electric and you want to get him the ball quickly and let him go make a play. When all said and done, Bellamy carried a mid-sixth-round grade from me.

Kendall Hinton, WR | Wake Forest

6-foot-0, 195 pounds

This is a guy I thought would be drafted, though I wasn’t able to get enough film study done to give him a full grade. He looked like a sixth/seventh-round pick to me. A former quarterback, Hinton transitioned to receiver with 2019 being the first full season at the position. 

There was a lot of progress with his routes and play overall at the position that led me to believe a team would jump at his upside. He has plenty of quickness, decent speed, and the shiftiness to do some damage after the catch. For a team that puts an emphasis on spacing, Hinton has a chance.

Zimari Manning, WR | Tarleton State

6-foot-1, 200 pounds

There isn’t much I can say on Manning as the only tape I was able to find was a highlight reel. He seems to have good hands, routes, and speed, but highlights are made to, well, highlight the best aspects of a prospect. 

There is talent with the kid, but it is a big jump to the NFL. Due to the lack of film, there was no way I could be comfortable giving him a grade.

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Hunter Watts, OT | Central Arkansas 

6-foot-8, 307 pounds

Another player that will have to go without a grade simply because the tape isn’t available. I will say that this being the only offensive tackle the Broncos brought in is a vote of confidence to the ones already on the roster, regardless of what you might hear.

Essang Bassey, CB | Wake Forest

5-foot-9, 191 pounds

This is the best player the Broncos snagged after the draft. He is such a tremendous fit for the off-zone coverage that Vic Fangio runs. Bassey's tackling is a serious concern that Fangio, DC Ed Donatell, and DBs Coach Renaldo Hill have to remedy. 

Bassey is undersized for the boundary, but he can play in the nickel and play deep. There is a lot to like with Bassey and his ball skills as well. I was very high on Bassey, even with the tackling concerns, which earned him a late fourth-round grade.

Douglas Coleman III, DB | Texas Tech

6-foot-0, 203 pounds

Time got away from me to study Coleman prior to the draft, but once word came out he was headed to Denver, I jumped to digging for tape. He doesn’t have great range, but solid range and does very well reading the quarterback and jumping routes. 

Coleman is also a solid tackler who takes solid angles. This guy screams a Fangio defensive back. Watching Coleman, he has the traits to come down and play in the nickel as well. 

He's just a solid DB that offers up some versatility. With what I was able to watch, he seemed like he would’ve graded out with a sixth-round grade. 

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