Ravens Acquire Marcus Peters Basically for cost of Punter

Pete Smith

The first place Baltimore Ravens made an aggressive move to add help to their defense, which has been one of the worst in the league to this point. The team traded for Marcus Peters, a talented but mercurial corner from the Los Angeles Rams. A player the Rams had traded a first round pick to acquire a couple seasons ago, it only cost the Ravens a fifth round pick and a linebacker, Kenny Young.

Peters was a 1st team All-Pro after his second season in 2016 with 14 interceptions his first two seasons combined as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Regarded as one of the best talents in the 2015 season, Peters was dinged for character concerns and fell in the first round where he was picked by current Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey. After a far less impressive 2017 season and after the team had parted ways with Dorsey, they traded Peters to the Rams for a first round pick, citing issues within their locker room.

A year and a half later, the Rams essentially dumped Peters to the Ravens, so they could make space to bring in Jalen Ramsey in a blockbuster trade with the Los Angeles Rams. This could be a massive value for the Ravens if they can get him to play near the level he showed capable in his first two seasons.

The Ravens have suffered some injuries in the secondary, but they would still have Earl Thomas, Marlon Humphrey and now Marcus Peters, which is an impressive group if they can play to their immense ability. To this point, Humphrey has been great but they are waiting on Thomas and now add Peters.

The Cleveland Browns beat the Ravens in Baltimore earlier in the season. They will play them again later in the year and presumably face Peters. In the meantime, the Ravens add another player that can help them try to keep their two-game lead over the Browns in the AFC North.

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Rams traded a second round pick for Peters not a first

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