Bengals lose Jonah Williams for the season, 2019 already doomed

Pete Smith

After previously mentioning that Jonah Williams had suffered what at that point was an undisclosed injury, the Cincinnati Bengals have now confirmed that their first round pick suffered a torn labrum, has had surgery which will keep him out for the year.

The loss of Williams is massive for the Bengals and much of their plan to improve their offense line. Their hope was that Williams could be their left tackle, which would enable them to have Cordy Glenn play left guard, hopefully improving and stabilizing both positions. Cordy, in turn, would help to take some pressure off of second year center and former first round pick Billy Price.

Now, the team likely needs Glenn to go back to left tackle. And while Glenn isn't a terrible tackle, he's a better guard and he's had issues with staying healthy in his own right. This really eats into the Bengals depth up front. Maybe this means Christian Westerman will finally get his opportunity to be a starting guard for the Bengals, but the tackle position is a big question mark.

This doesn't touch on the fact the team's projected right tackle, Bobby Hart is one of the worst in the league. Worse, he's being paid handsomely for it.

The details on what actually caused the injury to Williams are unlikely ever to be clear, but unfortunately, it immediately reminds me of the fact he went to Alabama and so many Crimson Tide players come into the NFL with injury questions or have shortened careers due to the wear and tear put on them in Tuscaloosa.

Hopefully, for the sake of Williams, this injury, which he's expected to recover fully from, is a speed bump and he goes on to have a great career. In the mean time, the Bengals have a ton of really talented weapons and a quarterback that's only as good as his supporting cast, which now includes a mediocre offensive line again.

The Bengals, who have fans that had convinced themselves they could win the division somehow, now look to be a mortal lock for dead last in the AFC North.