Lamar Jackson carries Ravens over Seahawks, extends division lead

Pete Smith

Lamar Jackson  is as mesmerizing a player as the NFL currently has to offer because of his ability with his arm as well as his legs. It's impossible to look away when he's on the field. And in the game against the Seattle Seahawks, he had to put on a show in order to get a big win on the road. 

It was a 13-13 game coming off a failed 53-yard field attempt by Seahawks kicker Jasn Myers when Jackson took over. Two drives later, Jackson had led the Ravens to 10 points and used the end of the third quarter and most of the fourth in the process. Whether it was on designed runs or scrambles on pass plays that broke down on a field that had more tackles than any Seahawks defender, Jackson was playing at a different speed than everyone else out there.

Jackson had to win with his legs because his receivers did little to help him including his normal go-to target, Mark Andrews, who dropped three passes in the game. Ravens coach Jon Harbaugh put the game in Jackson's hands, including the critical decision to go for it on 4th-and-2 inside the Seahawks 10-yard line. Taking a timeout after initially sending the field goal team out, Harbaugh let Jackson take the offense back out and run the ball behind all the big bodies he could find to get into the end zone.

Jackson's passing stats look pedestrian completing just nine passes on the game, but the passes that were on target and weren't dropped went for 141 yards. His 14 carries were for 116 yards including a 30-yard run on a broken pass play that made the best linebacker in the NFL, Bobby Wagner, look hopeless in trying to tackle him.

The Ravens aren't afraid to have Jackson run and they embrace his ability with the ball in his hands, but this isn't how they want to have to win football games. They want Jackson to be able throw the ball and let his weapons take the hits for fear of wear and tear on his body, but this game wouldn't allow it and if they were going to get a win, he had to be the one to deliver it. Ravens win 30-16.

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Ravens defense looked solid today and the addition of Marcus Peters looked like it will work for them.

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This wasn't planned

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