Like the Chicago Bears, Super Bowl aspirations for the Baltimore Ravens depend on a young quarterback's development

Pete Smith

The Chicago Bears entered the year with Super Bowl aspirations having arguably the best defense in the NFL and a talented set of weapons headlined by Allen Robinson. Everything hinges on how far Mitchell Trubisky can take them, but four quarters and just three points into the season, the Bears have look like they have a real problem. Maybe he can turn it around and get it going starting next week, but after one game and perhaps some overreaction, Trubisky looked helpless against the Green Bay Packers.

The Baltimore Ravens aren't quite as talented as the Bears, but they have a good defense and some interesting weapons on offense, but it all depends on Lamar Jackson's development in year two. Jackson's speed and mobility worked as weapons in his rookie year and helped get the Ravens to the playoffs after he took over for Joe Flacco.

If he can take those parts of his game and become even an average passer, he becomes more dangerous and that offense can take off. The San Diego Chargers exposed the limits of that offense when Jackson couldn't execute in the passing game, but if he can get better, the potential is off the charts.

The best thing for Jackson and the Ravens is their first two games of the season are against the Miami Dolphins and Arizona Cardinals. Both teams are dreadful and it could be just what Jackson needs to get rolling. The Ravens could put up some big numbers in those games and look great, feel confident before they face the Kansas City Chiefs followed by the Cleveland Browns.

Lamar Jackson and his development will be the determining factor whether the Ravens or the Pittsburgh Steelers will be the biggest threat to the Cleveland Browns in the AFC North. The Steelers look rock solid right now, but if Jackson is great, that offense is much more difficult to gameplan for and could win the division.


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