Ravens owner says Lamar Jackson will run less, which is fine, so long as he can pass

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti told season ticket holders in a conference call that quarterback Lamar Jackson would not be running as much as he did last year. This sounds great until Jackson still can't pass and the Ravens aren't winning.

"I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that Lamar is not going to be running 20 times a game. That's not what this offense is about." - Steve Bisciotti, Ravens Owner

This sounds great when it comes to keeping what they hope is a franchise quarterback free from injury and at his most threatening. It's just difficult to believe that if the Ravens are chasing a playoff spot and feel Jackson's legs are the best way to get them there they won't ride them as far as he can carry them. That's why he ran the ball 17 times per game last year.

Much of this is attempting to be a nod to adding more talent at their skill positions in the form of guys like Marquise Brown, Miles Boykin and Justice Hill. They need more out of them than they are likely able to provide as rookies. Brown could provide some huge plays, but it's difficult to imagine any consistency.

Let's see what happens the first time Jackson is in a game and he looks as helpless as he did playing the Los Angeles Chargers last year in the playoffs. He may have been a rookie, but that game and his inability to function on the most basic of levels left an indelible impression.

The Ravens have invested a lot of resources going in on this 11-on-11 style of football. They don't have a quarterback on their depth chart that isn't a threat with his legs. It's a fundamental part of the offense. This statement goes as far as Jackson's arm can take it. Anything short of that, he's going to run early and run often.