Building the Browns couldn't come at a better time, helping fans get through summer vacation

Pete Smith

In a video last week about branding, I mentioned one of the Cleveland Browns most successful ventures in Building the Browns. The show is fantastic on its own and deserves the accolades it has received, but the timing of the broadcasts right now, be it coincidence or otherwise, are delivering in a big way.

For degenerate football fans like myself, we're consuming every bit of good Browns content trying to get every quality morsel of football we can on the 2019 team. Going from the exciting second half of last season into the offseason, there was plenty to consume discussing about what team just did and where it's going combined with ramping up to free agency and the NFL Draft.

After those conclude, it's only a little bit of down time discussing the excitement and skepticism of who they added or didn't add before getting a little taste at rookies in that first minicamp. OTAs begin soon after that and then a full team minicamp. Then the Browns go off for summer vacation in what feels like a glacial six weeks before reporting to training camp.

Now, even though that six weeks is still long, here comes this show once a week giving you that little taste to get you through to training camp. Seeing coaches coach, seeing players compete and work, it's rehashing what has already happened but much of it we haven't seen yet, so it feels like it's happening right now.

And for my money, it's better than Hard Knocks. There's more football and there's no need to get the audience to buy in on underdog stories. Hard Knocks has to try to sell 31 other fan bases on why they should care about this team. The Browns only have their fan base to worry about and their audience is already engaged, so they don't need to dress it up.

The production involved is great. They put a lot of money and energy into making it look like a top of the line broadcast. It's largely directed pretty well and most episodes tend to fly by when you're watching. It's a great show that gives you some fun and interesting insights that make the longest part of the sports calendar for football fans go by just a little more smoothly.

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Well worth watching!!

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