Cleveland Browns trading for Trent Williams isn't the answer

Pete Smith

Responding to a 43-13 loss to the Tennessee Titans with a panic trade for Trent Williams isn't going to save the Cleveland Browns nor is it prudent business. If they were going to make this move, they could have and should have made it weeks or months ago and had all the time they needed to integrate him and adjust their talent up front accordingly. The Browns tackle struggles weren't due to an unexpected injury that changed the scope of their season. One got ejected and the other played poorly..

If the Browns came into week one and didn't realize their tackles were questionable until this game started, that's at the very least incredibly poor planning and at worst looks incompetent. And if they go to the Washington Redskins desperate for Trent Williams, they will be paying an exorbitant cost to get him, especially now.

The Washington Redskins have known Trent Williams holding out for an extended period of time was a real possibility since this started. Head coach Jay Gruden said he was numb to the Williams situation because he simply hasn't seen him, so he's operating without him as a consideration one way or the other. The organization has not gone out looking for trades, have taken calls but reportedly already turned down a first round pick for him.

They've been looking at this as setting a precedent. Williams is the best player on the team and they won't allow him to dictate terms, regardless of how justified he is in his feelings toward the Redskins.

After all, what's the risk for Daniel Snyder and Bruce Allen? They're about as popular as D.C. traffic. They see someone who could be protecting the blindside for rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins the next few years if he wants to get his money. If not, they either get their price in trade or dissuade other players from this type of tactic in the future.

The Houston Texans gave up a pair of first round picks, a second round pick and players for a package of Laremy Tunsill and Kenny Stills. Tunsill is 25 years old and the hope is his best football is in front of him, but Williams is one of the best in the league right now at 31. If the Redskins turned down a first before, they are definitely capable of being stubborn enough to keep turning it down. It's a Hall of Fame offensive tackle.

John Dorsey has done a great job with most of his trades because he's been operating from a position of strength or at least even with the other team. If he goes in desperate, he's going to get killed on value and the Browns are going to lose precious draft assets on a deal that could've been done a long time ago. They need them to keep costs down and to keep adding young talent to a talented roster.

They have holes. Offensive tackle, both of them, are among them. They are likely investigating all of the offensive line talent in the upcoming draft, especially as Dorsey believes in his own ability to evaluate that position. That's their best path to address the issue. Yes, even with Baker Mayfield at quarterback now. They had Desmond Harrison at left tackle last year for multiple games. They were comfortable with Robinson and Hubbard the second half of last year and all offseason long this year. Those two have to do their jobs.

Greg Robinson has to control himself and stay in the game. Chris Hubbard simply has to play better, but unless someone on the roster beats them out or they get injured, that's who they have. Making a rash, overreaction trade isn't a panacea that makes all the team's problems go away. It just makes the Browns organization look unprepared to compete on a high level and sends the message they don't believe in the players they have on this team.

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J Hager
J Hager

We have so many good position players, but can't protect the QB. Trading for Williams doesn't sound like a bad idea. The Seahawks got Clowney for cheap, so if the price is right I don't see why not entertain the idea.


If they do nothing then Baker will get beaten up all year long. I'd rather not be like the Colts and let my QB get hurt so much, that he has to retires early cause he can't physically play anymore. I say that mainly because they knew this was a problem ever since Joe Thomas retired and still just make do with so so play. Having all those weapons on offense means nothing if he has no time to throw it.


We sure do need William's. Line sucks dude. What were you watching

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