Dorian Baker's size and strength stand out in Cleveland Browns receiver group

Pete Smith

Wide receiver Dorian Baker is an example of an undrafted rookie signing that is based on traits. He only had one year of any meaningful production at Kentucky and that was his sophomore season in 2015. Baker has been a player that struggled to stay healthy, particularly with injuries to his legs. The most notable of which was an ankle that cost him his junior year and seemed to impact him as a senior.

Nevertheless, the former Cleveland Heights Tiger has some tools that make him interesting. The first thing that stands out is his size at a hair under 6'3" 213 pounds. Save for Jaelan Strong, Baker is the densest player in the receiver group. His build is similar to former Cleveland Brown Ricardo Louis or a Dez Bryant.

The other thing that stands out with Baker is how well he tracks and plays the ball while it's in the air. He has the ability to use his body to his advantage and has a wide catch radius and pretty good hands.

His agility and balance are solid, but his explosion and raw speed are rather underwhelming. And to some extent, Baker can get away with that if he can go and get the football. It does suggest he's more of a possession receiver and someone that can operate in the red zone, which certainly isn't a bad thing.

Competing against players like Derrick Willies, Damion Ratley and D.J. Montgomery, who profile as speedster receivers who look like they can help on special teams, Baker is likely at a disadvantage.

Although he will have the opportunity to show he deserves to be signed to the practice squad, where he can hopefully work to improve his explosiveness and hopefully stay healthy, Baker's biggest contribution may be in camp providing a wide bodied, strong receiver that can make plays on contested passes for Browns corners to work against.

Baker could be a player that makes some highlight catches in practice and the preseason just as he has in his career at Kentucky, but so much of the battle for him is staying healthy and being consistent. Given where the Browns are, he seems like he's a year or two away and it's about giving them a reason to want to keep him around and invest in his development.

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Hard to know he will always be plagued by injuries.