Cleveland WR Odell Beckham: ‘I care about one thing and that's winning and producing‘


When Cleveland loses a football game, fingers tend to get pointed in a lot of different directions. Some will always be pointed toward the most popular player on the team, that being Odell Beckham Jr.

In the 38-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, Beckham had only three catches for 22 yards. Those numbers aren’t fitting for Beckham, nor an offense that wants to be high powered. Beckham was targeted a total of 10 times, drawing a couple of penalties and even committing a costly face mask penalty himself. A drop on third down was costly for Beckham, it hit him in the hands even if a bit behind. It was a ball that should have been caught and gave Baltimore some momentum.

In today’s zoom call, Beckham met with the media and questions came about. One of them led to Beckham explaining what he cares most about.

“I care about one thing and that's winning and producing”

This comes off as two things, you can see the point that number thirteen is making though. Neither of those things came about Sunday. The good thing is, they can go hand in hand if it works out the right way. If Beckham produces like he can, he will undoubtedly give the Browns a better shot at winning. Also, it won’t be every week he has an equal talent of a matchup like he did Sunday with Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters caping him.

Many believe that Beckham has to be forced the ball to be utilized, that is simply incorrect. Cleveland has multiple tight ends they can use, even as decoys. These bigger guys can set draw safety or linebacker help giving Beckham the chance to get more one on one with just a corner. Those are the kind of situations you want Odell in, not being double-teamed. If Beckham can get going Thursday, there won’t be much talk of it not working with him in the offense - just more talk of how to continue it.

If Stefanski can get Odell in space against the Bengals it will be a game changer. Kind of like Beckham in space against the New York Jets last season when he took it the distance. Plays like that are when you see the star receiver at his peak, it’s exciting. Odell wants to be involved early he said, which didn’t happen Sunday. Changes will ultimately be coming because Sunday flat out didn’t work. Play calling wasn’t bad, maybe just will be tweaked a bit.

Expect Odell Beckham Jr. to be more involved on Thursday night, possibly in quick crossing routes against a solid defensive front the Bengals bring to the table. If the homer run is open, Mayfield will surely take it. Thursday night will tell a lot with what to expect from this Cleveland offense that has to establish the run before the pass. 

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