Offensive Tackles to Watch in the Draft With Greg Robinson on his Way Out


News broke yesterday that the Cleveland Browns left tackle, Greg Robinson was found to be in possession of upwards of 150 pounds of marijuana in the state of Texas. You can say he’s the Browns left tackle, but you might as well put former, at this point.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Cleveland went ahead and had already confirmed with Greg Robinson and his representatives that Cleveland won’t be interested in re-signing the former early first round pick. With the news, it would be a good bet to say no team will be interested in signing Robinson in a month. Facing a max penalty of 20 years, likely to serve far less, just proves the point it’s hard to play in the NFL from behind bars.

With the team for sure moving on now, it’s nearly a lock that the Browns will be taking an offensive tackle with their first round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Picking 10th, Cleveland will have options and should pick from the cream of the crop in terms of offensive tackles, as many will be available. Now, it’s just a matter of the team doing its due diligence of whom they will pick. A combination of medical reports, field testing, interviews will help out the new regimen with the pick. Fans are just wanting a solid left tackle on the roster, which has been absent since future hall of fame tackle Joe Thomas decided to hang it up.

Thomas has slimmed down and is quite lean these days, he’s enjoying retirement and his former team is still struggling to find his replacement, a couple years later. A tale of two stories in a sense.

There are a few names that we’ve narrowed down for you to take a look at when it comes to who Cleveland could take at the 10th pick.

Andrew Thomas (Georgia): Size wise, Thomas stands at 6-foot-5 and around 320 pounds, a solid build that could potentially lose 5-10 pounds if his NFL coaches want him to. In personal opinion, Thomas is the best tackle in this class and the safest pick in terms of your outside linemen. A very good pass blocker, that has had to lineup against multiple NFL caliber edge-rushers.

Sound in the run game, where he is very capable as well. Shows athleticism by hitting an extra burst after hitting the first line of defense. Also, has the ability to pave the way for a long run and has no problem getting downfield. Once the Georgia lineman gets to the NFL it’ll be all about continuing to add strength to deal with the leagues best that he will lineup across from. A very ideal pick if he makes it to the 10th selection.

Jedrick Wills (Alabama): The Browns need a left tackle, which Wills is capable of even though he played the right side in college while wearing crimson. Prototypical size for the tackle spot at 6-foot-5 and 320 pounds, Wills is strong, big, quick at times and has some technique.

Shows quick feet off the snap and has the ability to handle edge rushers that bring speed to the game, which he dealt with at Alabama. It’ll be interesting to see how Wills shapes up as a prospect through the combine.

Mekhi Becton (Louisville): Probably the least likely of picks for the Browns here, but a good player that should do well in the league. Most likely won’t fit in Cleveland’s new system of how they’ll like to run the ball and such. Standing at 6-foot-7 and has been listed as much as over 360 pounds, Becton is a mammoth amongst children compared to some linemen.

If teams can get him to lose some weight and keep it off, Becton very well could be the best tackle in the draft, but that’s always tough. Knows how to use his size to his advantage, can shield the quarterback better than most. It’s hard to knock him off his stance, but he could improve in his point of attack, sometimes can get put in the spin cycle when he’s the aggressor.

Tristan Wirfs (Iowa): Another player with the usual size for tackles, Wirfs was solid for the Hawkeyes in 2019, despite seeing some rough patches. Long arms that he uses to his advantage to reach and push while maintaining his form, all though sometimes struggles with the speed rush.

Early in the season, Wirfs was projected as the first tackle taken. Not so much now as he may last until mid-round, or go early, it’s hard to say. Definitely has some things to work on before being a top half of the league tackle. 


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