The Questions Case Keenum Wasn't Asked During Cleveland Browns Conference Call

Pete Smith

The Cleveland Browns beat had a chance to speak with new quarterback Case Keenum for the first time since he signed with the team. Most of the questions centered around what he brings to the team and his relationship with the coaching staff. There's a little kerfuffle about an interaction he had with Mary Kay Cabot of about his role with the team, but that was not really a big deal. The real story is what the media didn't ask Keenum, making the conference call so frustrating, because they didn't follow up on something Nathan Zegura brought up with Keenum in his one-on-one interview.

During the interview, one couldn't help but notice the massive broadsword hanging in the corner there on the wall, potentially in the frame of the shot by accident. Zegura, obviously noticing the weapon, like a good reporter, asked Keenum about it, perhaps suspecting there was more there.

"It's a part of the family crest. My father gave me that when I turned 18, which is engraved with our family motto the four pillars of what the Keenum name means."

Then Keenum slipped up.

"It doubles as a home defense mechanism. I've got it there right by the door." - He tried to walk it back, saying he was kidding, that it was just for looks, but it was already out there. What would Keenum need that massive two handed broadsword to defend his home against, unl- Is Case Keenum an immortal?

Keenum even grabbed the sword to show off the engravings and handled it like a natural, like he's been doing it for years. How many years? Keenum says his father gave him the sword when he turned 18 years old, but he didn't say the year. Most people would dismiss this, suggesting that it was simply 2006 when he turned 18, based on what could easily be a forged date of birth.

There was a documentary during the early 1990's that discussed the existence of immortals. It followed a man, who was born in Scotland nearly 400 years ago. And the only way he would die is if he lost his head. The sword, Keenum's sword, was placed the best place so he could defend himself against those who might be after his head.

Keenum's father may have given his sword that sword when he turned 18 years old. It's just not entirely clear when Case turned 18. Perhaps his father forged it for him in another century, giving it to his son, who has since made it a part of him, an extension of who he is..

At no point during the conference call did a responsible reporter ask Keenum questions such as... there's a lot of evidence that suggests you're an immortal. How do you respond? How many quickenings have you experienced? Is part of the reason you're not concerned about your role with the Browns and any competition with Baker Mayfield is simply due to the fact that you can outlast him to win the job? Mayfield has to contend with Father Time, while Keenum may not.

And I know what some of you are saying. Keenum posted a video with his "son" as he announced he was coming to Cleveland. Immortals can't have children. That could be anyone's child to throw people off the scent of the truth as to who Keenum really is.

Maybe Keenum isn't an immortal after all, but there are a lot of questions not being asked that are right in front of people. Keenum's a good quarterback. He helped lead the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship in 2017. His best season came in this offensive system with the current coaching staff for the Browns. If Keenum has to come in and play for the Browns, he'll be more than adequate to help them win games. The question not being asked... the elephant in the room to so speak, the possibility that he is in fact an immortal. That's a question that demands an answer.

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