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For Pete's Sake - Browns Week 1 at Kansas City

In this week's episode of For Pete's Sake, Nicole Chatham and I finally have a Cleveland Browns regular season game to talk about, so we dove into the performance against the Kansas City Chiefs.

On this week's episode of For Pete's Sake, the Cleveland Browns had their first regular season game against the Kansas City Chiefs, so Nicole Chatham and I were really excited to talk about it. We started with our initial overall reactions to the game before diving into the tape.

It was great that the Browns came out and played so well. In a game against a Hall of Fame caliber coach who is outstanding in game planning with time, the Browns dominated the first half, showcasing their talent and their ability to put pressure on teams on both sides of the ball.

We did disagree on some offensive personnel usage. She made the case that Jarvis Landry was great for the Browns. I noted the things he did really well, but offered a thought. In how many of those situations, would the Browns be better off with Kareem Hunt fulfilling the exact role Landry was playing. Be it the jet sweep, where Landry did a great job fighting to get into the end zone or the orbit motion throw to Landry where he jumped over a defender going out of bounds.

We both loved David Njoku and while we are both quick to point out he needs to keep it up, we also looked at the possibility of what happens if this is simply who he is.

Defensively, we were really impressed with the play of Greg Newsome. If this is indicative of what the Browns can expect from him, the Browns have a pair of excellent corners. John Johnson was great, save for the play he wasn't.

We touched on the Ronnie Harrison ejection, but spent more time talking about the ramifications after the fact. In essence, it limited what the Browns were able to do defensively. M.J. Stewart did an admirable job, but they were razor thin, so it may have contributed to the amount of three linebacker sets the Browns were forced to play.

It took a while for Nicole to build up the fortitude to talk about the play involving Jamie Gillan, but we did get there. We did suggest options for how he could make things right.

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