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For Pete's Sake - Nicole Finishes Spaceship Construction

This week, Nicole Chatham and I discuss the Cleveland Browns game against the Los Angeles Chargers, what went right, what went wrong and just how much fun it was.

In this week's episode of For Pete's Sake, Nicole Chatham and I discuss the Cleveland Browns loss to the Los Angeles Chargers largely through the scope of multiple things being able to be true at the same time, not the least of which was that it was a great game despite the fact the Browns lost.

We open the show talking about Nicole's dalliance on That's what B Said (She was great. You should listen) and the fallout.

Then we get into the offense, starting of course with Baker Mayfield. I talked about how Mayfield was good in the game, but not great, hitting on the idea that we need to let him keep progressing because he is.

Nicole noted how she was happy with how Mayfield progressed dealing with pressure throughout the game.

We both loved most of what Kevin Stefanski did in terms of play calling, finding a great balance between the pass and the run, but there were a few instances that were problematic. The plays after the Browns recovered the fumble before the half looked broken due to miscommunication, which is becoming a theme on both sides of the ball.

That led into addressing the weekly question, what's wrong with Odell Beckham? Our answer? Nothing really. The offense is set up to allow any of their weapons to shine depending on what the defense does.

This led into a conversation about Jarvis Landry since they have comparable contracts and how he would have games where he simply wasn't a big part of the offense. We also answer the question about whether or not the Browns currently miss Landry.

As a Joe Woods loving podcast, we talk about why we adore Woods as the defensive coordinator while also asking some questions and noting some significant issues.

I note just how much the Browns missed Jadeveon Clowney in the game even as well as Takkarist McKinley plays.

We love what the Browns are getting from their corners while also being aghast at the team's safety play including most notably John Johnson III. It's also mind boggling that as well as Malcolm Smith has been playing, they simply put Anthony Walker coming off his injury wholesale. Smith had just three reps and the Browns were worse for it.

Nicole has some thoughts on a certain Browns punter. Basically, Chase McLaughlin is as good at his job as Jamie Gillan is bad at his. Anthony Schwartz returned some kicks.

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