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For Pete's Sake - Browns Lose to Steelers With No Shortage of Things to Discuss

There's plenty to discuss on this week's episode of For Pete's Sake with Nicole Chatham, starting with the Cleveland Browns loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and getting into some of the news of the week.

In this week's episode of For Pete's Sake, it felt like the Cleveland Browns lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in disappointing fashion weeks ago because of the amount of news and rumors that came out just on Tuesday regarding Odell Beckham.

Nicole and I do talk about Beckham, but not all that much. We start with the game, talking about the various issues we saw and argue about some things on defense, though in this case, it's about the best ways to approach their improvement.

However, Nicole's patience with Ronnie Harrison has run out.

The offense was remarkably disappointing in the game. Baker Mayfield, while not great, did enough to win and the weapons around him did not do enough.

Jack Conklin went down with an injury, making it basically one and a half quarters of a healthy starting five. Blake Hance was fine in relief, but the run blocking overall was not enough. Nick Chubb's yeoman-like performance felt disappointing at 3.8 yards per carry simply because he is that great.

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The game plan was smart, carrying over from the performance in the playoffs. Get the ball out quickly and let the playmakers operate. Unfortunately, between unforced error with penalties including two false starts from wide receivers as well as six drops out of 11 incompletions, that didn't happen, which spawned criticisms about the offense.

The Browns have a somewhat unorthodox approach to offense, taking what the defense gives them while many teams will force targets to their stars. Beyond the fact that no one on the Browns, save maybe David Njoku, is playing like a star, the Browns seek efficiency and better production rather than just forcing the ball to certain players.

When those players don't execute, it can lead to this type of frustration and complains about not feeding a certain player.

I make some comparisons between the Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs, both of who are 4-4 and disappointing this season. And both are poor on offense. I think both teams are pressing too much, which is leading to some of the feelings that they aren't having fun. Everyone wants to be a hero to try to break out of the funk when things go awry and it's causing more problems for both teams.

In light of the structure of the Browns offense and the potential for moving on from Beckham, we discuss what the offense should look like.

It's a long episode with a ton jam packed in there.

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