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For Pete's Sake - Browns Destroyed by Patriots

This week, Nicole Chatham and I adjust going from the high of the win against the Cincinnati Bengals to the lows of the lopsided defeat to the New England Patriots as well as some other issues going on this week.

This week's episode of For Pete's Sake, Nicole Chatham and I start out talking about the difference in the morale around the Cleveland Browns from the sizable victory against the Cincinnati Bengals to how it changed after the humiliation at the hands of the New England Patriots.

It starts out by trying to take more of an objective look at it. We took a look at the Los Angeles Rams, who were dominated by the San Francisco 49ers in similar fashion as the Browns were. My reaction was that the Rams got crushed, but it's a loss and we'll see how they bounce back next week.

There are Rams fans who are furious, want to bench the quarterback and fire various people. It's true of every single fanbase this year in particular. No elite teams and every team is so close together that each game is treated like life or death. So as frustrating as the Patriots game was, the Browns are 5-5 and have their opportunity to go beat the Detroit Lions followed by back to back contests against the Baltimore Ravens.

At that point, we talk about the game and exactly what went wrong. The Patriots defensive gameplan laid the offensive weaknesses, most notably wide receiver, for all to see. The offensive tackle play was poor and David Njoku had his worst game of the year. So there weren't many options after that as the Patriots clamped down on the running game after the first drive.

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On the other side of the ball, the Patriots found ways to occupy the Browns defensive ends and took advantage of their weakness at the defensive tackle position running the ball. Mac Jones made a couple of terrific throws in the passing game that simply beat good coverage.

We talk about how the Browns coaches can learn from this game, being that Kevin Stefanski is so young. He and the rest of the staff simply got beat, which happens, especially against someone like Bill Belichick. There may be a real value in that even if the loss is still painful.

Additionally, we get into some of the questions that the Browns and Joe Woods need to answer on defense.

Along the way, we also discuss Mitch Trubisky, Josh McDaniels and Jarvis Landry, all of which have come up this week.

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