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For Pete's Sake - Browns Win Against Lions Counts

This week, Nicole Chatham is playing on the road and we discuss the Cleveland Browns win over the Detroit Lions, how head coach Kevin Stefanski is handling the quarterback situation and looking ahead to the Baltimore Ravens.

In this week's episode, Nicole Chatham is on the road and has plenty to say about the Cleveland Browns victory over the Detroit Lions. She wasn't able to see the game live so her reaction when she did finally see it was different from the way it was portrayed in real time. She explains why.

I felt better about the win Sunday as a result of the news on the injury front Monday, potentially getting running back Kareem Hunt and right tackle Jack Conklin back for the Baltimore Ravens among others.

The Lions were led by backup quarterback Tim Boyle, so they were overmanned, but the Browns defense did what it was supposed to do. They looked good, had control for the entire game, save for the one long 56-yard DeAndre Swift touchdown that both highlighted major issues on the unit as well as yet another example of poor officiating.

While some players have stagnated or worsened, Denzel Ward has been playing at a really high level the past several games, looking the part of the top level corner the Browns were hoping for when they selected him. The interception he made was outstanding.

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The offense was frustrating, not only because of mistakes Baker Mayfield made, but the number of penalties that created situations where Mayfield was more likely to make them. The second interception of the game came right after a critical penalty that took away a first down, for example.

None of that excuses the mistakes Mayfield made, but it helps to show just how much was going wrong in this contest.

We love the way D'Ernest Johnson plays, but it's a stark contrast compared directly to Nick Chubb in a game.

I was both happy for Ja'Marcus Bradley that he played well and highly concerned he was the team's best receiver on the team against the Lions. While Nicole agrees wide receiver is a major concern, she did not see the issue with Bradley being the top performer.

Then we discuss the fact that the Mayfield situation is now becoming more about head coach Kevin Stefanski and the moves he's making, both with the approach to the Lions as well as the Ravens. Exploring what he's thinking and whether or not we agree while I quash what I believe are unfounded theories with how both he and the Browns view Mayfield.

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