Baker Mayfield vows to eliminate negative plays, tells teammates: Don't flinch

Pete Smith

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield took questions after the team's loss to the Tennessee Titans including about his health, his performance and what he does to help the team move past this performance.

First, he said he'll be fine. The team took x-rays of his hand, but it was precautionary and called a bruise. 

When he was asked about the first interception he threw, he said it was entirely his fault, that Odell Beckham was exactly where he was supposed to be on the play and he just made a poor throw.

On the three interceptions as a collective, Mayfield attributed it to pressing. Mistakes and the score caused him to try to make up ground and those additional turnovers were costly. He felt the team was in the game up until he threw the second interception he threw. Mayfield puts those mistakes entirely on himself and no one else.

When asked about how he will lead the team in light of this result, Mayfield said he'd tell his teammates not to flinch. Adversity happens and it's about how they respond. It's a long season. It's one game. They have to address the issues and play good football. Mayfield says that starts with him protecting the ball better, eliminating negative plays.


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