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Browns’ GM Andrew Berry Backs Baker Mayfield, Provides Clarity To Wide Receiver Position

Andrew Berry backed the franchises quarterback while stating the current state of the wide receiver position as well on Wednesday.

Coming into the 2021 season the Cleveland Browns offense was expected to be spectacular and those expectations  included Odell Beckham Jr.. Gone is Beckham Jr. and left for the Browns is a wide receiver room that is just not performing.

The team’s leading receiver at the position is Jarvis Landry who has just 356 yards on the season. Browns’ best receiving threat overall is David Njoku with just north of 400 yards.

Cleveland’s general manager Andrew Berry addressed the media on Wednesday and agreed that the position has been underwhelming.

“Like all of our position groups it has been inconsistent. The goal of consistency is the biggest thing in looking at the end of the year”.

The offense has a whole has struggled and that includes an injured Baker Mayfield. While some want to move past Mayfield, the Browns still believe in him to the fullest. Berry stated that if Mayfield is ready to go, he’s going to be the starter.

Going down the stretch every game will be a playoff game for the Browns. Another loss or two would make it next to impossible to make the playoffs. A goal the team had set at the beginning of the season, to get further than they did last season.

“You really try and take big picture approach. We have seen Baker play good football here and this season too. We expect him to play his best football in these next 5 weeks,” Berry said.

Mayfield is playing through four injuries, so evaluating his performance is not easy. You have to take it with a grain of salt and it is not easy to do sometimes.

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“We all know Baker is incredibly physically tough. He's had stretches where he has played well and we expect him to play his best football down the stretch here after the bye,” Berry said.

When asked if Mayfield needs to show anything Berry said, "Not sure it's really about showing me anything.”

The Cleveland general manager believes there’s multiple things going on with the offense. No one person is halting the offense from being what it can. It’s a collective issue overall for the team.

“With the offense, we just haven't been consistent enough in the pass game. That's not a one person thing,” Berry explained.

2021 has not been what the Browns or their leaders have hoped for. There is still time to right the ship, but all hands will need to be on deck. 

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