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Browns Deshaun Watson’s Disciplinary Hearing to Start Tuesday

The discipline hearing for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will start in just a couple days.

The process in deciding a length of suspension for Cleveland Browns' quarterback, Deshaun Watson, will start on Tuesday. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL and NFLPA's jointly appointed disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson will handle the case.

It was leaked last week that the league could be pushing for a lengthy suspension of at least one season. The NFLPA will counter-argument such suspension, the sides could end up meeting somewhere near the middle.

There is no current timetable of when the suspension will be handed down. The said suspension could come within the next week or could come around the time of training camp starting up. Either way it goes the Browns will have a firm notice of what they will be working with this coming season.

A lengthy suspension could mean riding with Jacoby Brissett for 17 games. A shorter suspension would mean Brissett holding it down until Watson is back on the field. Browns will know soon enough if they will have their new franchise quarterback during the 2022 season, or not. Just one problem that remains to be sorted out, along with Baker Mayfield remaining on the roster.

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