Antonio Callaway Healthy Scratch Ominous

Pete Smith

When asked about wide receiver Antonio Callaway being inactive for the game in which the Cleveland Browns defeated the Buffalo Bills, quarterback Baker Mayfield didn't get specific, but it sounded ominous. "Obviously, he was going to be a part of the game plan, but, you know, things happen."

The Browns were planning on having Callaway in this game and ended up making him a healthy scratch. What's even worse is Callaway's past is littered with issues both on and off the field, so there's plenty of fertile ground to cover as far as what could've happened. Callaway missed the first four games this season due to a failed drug test, but has also made any number of assignment errors during games.

The Browns opted for Damion Ratley in place of Callaway, but the focus will be on Rashard Higgins. Callaway and Higgins are linked in terms of their playing time. Higgins played a number of plays in this game, but only got one target. It just happened to be the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter that paved the way for a Browns win.

If the issue with Callaway proves to be a serious one, it could jeopardize his status with the team. The middle of John Dorsey's 2018 draft class has been gutted in recent weeks. Former second round pick Austin Corbett and fifth round pick Genard Avery have both been traded away. At the very least, Callaway, a fourth round pick, has proven he isn't reliable. He's not in a position where he can warrant much slack from the organization at this point.

UPDATE: As reported by Mary Kay Cabot of, Callaway was a healthy scratch due to showing up to the game late. It's a one-game thing and he will be back in the fold for the Thursday game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.