Cleveland Browns Antonio Callaway is suspended 4 games, but will probably lose more than that

Pete Smith

Antonio Callaway has been suspended four games for violating the league's substance abuse policy; his second failed test since coming in the league. The first, many will remember, was the infamous idiot test at the NFL scouting combine.

John Dorsey and the Cleveland Browns knew that and took him anyway. He was then pulled over after being drafted when he was driving his car up to Cleveland from Florida. A friend had borrowed it, left marijuana in it and the police found it. The Browns were angry at Callaway at the time because he didn't tell the organization, but ultimately believed him and he was cleared of the incident.

Now, he has this failed drug test that costs him four games, but really, it's going to be a lot more than that. Callaway had a really good six week stretch at the end of last season and then carried it over into OTAs where it was sort of understood that he looked great. Now this.

And the Browns have such an embarrassment of riches at receiver right now that losing Callaway four games is a small bump in the road for them, but it's a disaster for Callaway. The Browns have known about this and planned around it, giving players like Derrick Willies among others reps with the ones in Callaway's stead.

Callaway is immensely talented, but out a month, it's not that difficult to be forgotten in this lineup, especially when Baker Mayfield has already shown the ability to shine with other players. And anything resembling trust with the organization is gone. The Browns cannot count on Callaway. And his track record is uglier when getting into his time at the University of Florida.

Callaway is ultimately responsible for his own actions, but John Dorsey knew exactly the type of player Callaway was and drafted him anyway. And it seemed to work out as many of these picks can early on. But taking shortcuts tends to catch up with Dorsey in the NFL. And now the Browns have a couple Dorsey players in Callaway and Kareem Hunt they not only can't trust, but have to babysit.

Callaway's NFL career is at a crossroad. He's now cost himself four game checks with a young daughter he wants to do right by. If this doesn't get through to him, he's going to be out of the league and have no one to blame but himself. Meanwhile, John Dorsey needs to stop trying to take unnecessary gambles on players for the sake of talent. They don't need to take shortcuts. And now it costs them.