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David Njoku Just As Unsure About His Future As Everyone Else

According to Mary Kay Cabot of, Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku is not sure about his future with the team, specificallly as it relates to Freddie Kitchens as the head coach.

David Njoku is just as unsure about his future with the Cleveland Browns as everyone else is. The third year tight end was unwilling to comment on whether there's a place on for him on the Browns if head coach Freddie Kitchens is retained, according to Mary Kay Cabot of It's a frustrating position to be in after he was top ten among tight ends in receiving yards with 639 along with 4 touchdowns in 2018 to the injury that kept him so much this year, now inactive on game days with no real hope he'll play Sunday in the team's regular season finale.

Njoku's handling of the broken scaphoid may have caused some issues with the team, resting four weeks before having surgery. Their handling of him after designating to return from injured reserve, then waiting two weeks to activate him suggests they didn't think he was ready. Now, he seems lost in the offense. Reports have him running the wrong routes and familiar issues with drops in practice.

Whether it's a case of being simply a lost season where a player has lost his mojo or there's more there remains to be seen. Kitchens and his staff seem to have all but moved on from him this season. It's not clear whether that would carry over into next season or not. If they go with a new coaching staff, they might love the opportunity to work with Njoku.

The greater question then goes to the front office and John Dorsey, who criticized Njoku's blocking before the season. What's clear at this point is the fact that Dorsey nor anyone else from the front office has told Njoku they are committed to him at this point, which is a troubling pattern with this team. If the Browns were to move on from Njoku, they would have another hole to fill on this team as the position and the offense as a whole has been worse without him.

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Like so much of this talented offense, Njoku has going to exit the 2019 season as a question rather than an answer.