Jarvis Landry Announces Hip Surgery Via Instagram

Pete Smith

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry announced that he underwent hip surgery on February 4th via his instragram. Using that platform enabled Landry to make an almost documentary style look at the decision, what was involved and the rehab since the surgery. Landry had attempted to recover from the ongoing hip issue with rest, but apparently the playing in the Pro Bowl provided a wake up call. After resting for three weeks, Landry thought he would feel better, but was in significant discomfort playing in a glorified exhibition, which is what prompted him to go ahead and have the surgery.

Landry provides an in depth look into the procedure he had, including some of his visits with doctors explaining what would happen and why it would be beneficial as well as some of what he's going through in terms of rehab and his recovery. They don't announce a timeline on his recovery. It will likely be in terms of months, but even the doctor's initial estimate on the procedure was different after he got in there. As a result, it's possible, it could impact his readiness for minicamps and training camp.

Landry is coming off his second season with the Browns and arguably the second best season of his career despite the hip issue he was dealing with all season. He and teammate Odell Beckham were playing through injuries that ultimately were treated with surgical procedures. The Browns and new head coach Kevin Stefanski are hoping that a healthy Landry and Beckham will help fuel a more productive 2020.