J.C. Tretter wants to stay a Cleveland Brown

Cleveland Browns center J.C. Tretter was asked about his contract and how he deals with auditioning as well as if he thinks about his contract situation when he's on the field. Most notably, Tretter said he does want to stay a Cleveland Brown after this season.
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In his first media availability for training camp, J.C. Tretter covered a variety of topics, being asked about everything to the right guard situation to the defense to his contract. When he was asked whether he'd like to stay in Cleveland, he was quick to assert he does want to continue his career with the Cleveland Browns.

He was also asked about his attitude in a contract year. Tretter noted that he's done it before, so it's not new. Additionally, he went on to talk about the fact that every year is an audition and that a player is what he puts on tape. For Tretter, part of that was playing through pain all of last year and still having a really productive season, arguably among the top ten centers in the league.

Last, while Tretter does want to continue his career in Cleveland, he said he's not likely to talk about the progress of anything along those lines publicly. Contained within that answer was a quick no to any movement on that end within the team, so at least for the moment, they haven't discussed an extension with him. 

Perhaps with Damarious Randall's situation looking like it's not going anywhere, John Dorsey and company will move on to other players such as Tretter or Joe Schobert.