Kevin Stefanski Scouting Combine Press Conference

Pete Smith

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski took the podium after general manager Andrew Berry and in a number of ways served as an echo for the tenets of the organization the two have formed since officially taking the reins of the team.

He did touch on a few topics including specific players like David Njoku, Baker Mayfield and the notion of versatility that bore out some interesting answers. In addition, having recently been an assistant coach and some teams not bringing their assistants to the combine, he weighed in the role they will have with the Browns for the next few months.

On David Njoku

"Looking forward to working with him. I think there's an obvious skill set there. There's a reason he was drafted that high. I think you can see it just in his physical ability. It's a big year for David. I've explained that to him. He knows that and a lot of that is going to be up to him and the amount of work that he puts into this. We have big plans for him, but it's about. for him, coming back in the building and working and then ultimately being able to see if we can utilize him in a role that takes advantage of some of his physical skill set."

On the role of assistant coaches in the evaluation process

"My previous stop, the [Minnesota] Vikings did a great job of utilizing the coaches and their evaluations, so I think A.B. and I are on the same page and making sure every voice is heard and we put our position coaches to work here as they evaluate these players, but at the end of the day I will say this: Our coaches are not going to become scouts for the next two or three months. That's not their job. Their job's to implement a scheme, teach our players. All that being said, we will of course use their evaluation."

On what offensive tackles need to do to be effective in the Browns offense

"We're looking for the smart, tough and accountable. We're looking at every position. You can apply that to each one. When it comes to offensive tackles and offensive line in particular, we value movement skills. That's not to say we don't value a guy that's ultra physical. I think it's always a combination of all those things."

On Kirk Cousins having so much success last year, how it can help Baker Mayfield

"I think they're totally different players. Briefly on Kirk, just a class act, a pro's pro all the way and really enjoyed my time with him. As it pertains to Baker, that's our job as coaches to study these guys, figure out the things that maybe we can help them improve and that's where we're well on our way to putting those processes together."

On Isaiah Simmons, being as versatile a defender as there is in this class, then versatility in general.

"No. That's the easiest question I've been asked today. Thanks Nate [Ulrich].

I would just say globally, I think those players that are versatile give us as coaches an opportunity to do so many things that are difficult for the defense to defend or difficult for the offense to defend. I think the classic one position players are really good. You need a lot of them. But every roster, you'd hope you have some guys you'd move along the front, move along the back end, I think just in terms of making it harder, life for the opposing the team."

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