Cleveland Browns Larry Ogunjobi says what everyone is thinking

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi was asked if the defense was being overlooked to which he gave a great explanation about how little it matters.
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Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi had his first media availability of training camp and one of the questions he was asked is one that every defensive player seemingly has been asked: How do they feel about the offense getting so much attention?

Perhaps in search of a good soundbyte, but potentially trying to create a contrived rivalry between the two sides about credit, Ogunjobi couldn't have said it better.

"The credit will come when Sunday comes."

The players might be aware of some of the storylines, but all they can focus on doing is their job and trying to improve through camp. Where the focus goes or who gets the attention right now is largely meaningless. And it's not as if the defense is being ignored anyway.

Odell Beckham doesn't eliminate the bump the Browns defense gets from adding Olivier Vernon, Sheldon Richardson and hopefully rookie Greedy Williams. And wit Myles Garrett, who is a tremendous player and personality in his own right, the attention might be more on the offense with a up and coming star quarterback, but the defense isn't sweating it.

This is all in response to Freddie Kitchens saying the defense is getting overlooked because so many of the questions were about the offense, but that doesn't mean that he was saying that players wanted to answer questions about being overlooked.

Most importantly, Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham getting attention is fine, so long as they win football games. No one on the defense is going to care about attention if those two are delivering them victories on Sundays.