Browns Wide Receiver Odell Beckham and LSU May Have a Problem

Pete Smith

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham was famously seen handing out money to current students at his alma mater, LSU, after the football team won the National Championship, defeating the Clemson Tigers on Monday. The cash seen being handed out on live television was dismissed as fake. 

According to the school, players might have received real money and now they have to investigate, which could have an impact on Beckham's relationship with the school. In addition, they have what would be an incredibly difficult time getting to the bottom of this.

There are probably a significant number of people who don't care, but the NCAA has to be furious at even the suggestion that players in a game they want people to believe is about putting the student in student athletes are being handed money. LSU may have to over punish student athletes potentially involved, the program or set some harsher rules in terms of access people have from the sideline to avoid the NCAA investigating for themselves.

Don't be so sure the NFL won't get involved either as they have done it before when it came to impermissible benefits and players coming out of college. They love their relationship with the NCAA and will act to ensure they continue to have an incredibly profitable pipeline of talent to their sport.