Browns Target Monday To Reopen Facility, Enter Phase One Of Employee Return

The Cleveland Browns released a statement announcing they intend to start phase one of opening their facility and returning some of their employees to work.
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The NFL allowed teams to start reopening facilities on May 19th, but a number of teams opted to wait, utilizing the extra time to prepare. The Cleveland Browns were one of the teams that waited and now plan to open the facility Monday, June 1st, entering phase one of the protocols.

The league is not allowing anyone but largely support staff to enter facilities as well as players rehabbing from injury. Coaches are still not allowed to be in the building, so functionally, nothing has changed from a football standpoint. Nevertheless, this is an important step toward getting to a point where coaches and eventually players can enter the building.

The Browns are adhering to guidelines from federal and local governments, the league and University Hospitals in their attempt to properly and safely move forward in preparation for the 2020 NFL season.

Part of taking that extra time is certainly for the safety of the people who will be working in the building in phase one, but also trying to ensure that when they are ready to go to the proceeding phases, they will be prepared. 

The last thing any team wants to have happen is for an employee to be infected in the building or get infected in the building, both for the safe of the employees, but then also having to take a massive step backward. The team would lose time which could impact when they can get coaches and players in the building. At that point, it would risk giving other teams a competitive edge.