Browns Waive Jermaine Whitehead After Social Media Meltdown

Pete Smith

After losing to the Denver Broncos, safety Jermaine Whitehead refused to speak with the media after the game, but took to his Twitter account to address critics. He played poorly in the game, decided to search his name on the app and tweet at naysayers, first seemingly to tell his side, that he was playing with a broken hand. That then escalated into threatening a few of them, both fans and members of the media. It went far enough that Twitter decided stepped in and suspend the account.

The Browns released a statement Sunday evening calling the conduct unprofessional and stating they had spoken to Whitehead about it. Monday, they have announced that they have waived Whitehead.

Whitehead has not played well for the team for much of the season. He was pressed into duty at free safety against the Broncos with injuries to both Damarious Randall and Eric Murray. He's a strong safety if he's anything, so he was put in a poor position in the first place. 

This season, he hasn't played well at either spot, but it was particularly noticeable against the Broncos. It was strange the team didn't put Juston Burris at free safety, especially if Whitehead was playing with a broken hand. He missed just about every tackle he tried to make, opting to throw his shoulder at many of them, unwilling to try to wrap. A broken hand might indicate help explain why.

The Browns fall to 2-6 and now prepare for the Buffalo Bills next week.