Wyatt Teller to Start at Right Guard Against Denver Broncos

Pete Smith

The Cleveland Browns have made the decision to start Wyatt Teller at right guard against the Denver Broncos according to Jake Trotter of ESPN. Opting for a more physical player, the Browns are making the swap from Eric Kush to Teller. Last week, Teller played nine reps rotating with Kush against the New England Patriots.

The Browns missed badly on Austin Corbett with the 33rd overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft. They traded him for a draft pick in 2021. Corbett may have failed, but the Browns were prudent in making a trade before the season started to get Teller from the Buffalo Bills for a fifth and seventh round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Teller, from the same 2018 draft class as Corbett, has the physical traits to be a starting guard in the NFL. He also is a more effective run blocker with more size than someone like Kush, who is a reasonably effective pass protector but struggles in the running game.

This move is prudent for the short term in that it should benefit Nick Chubb and the running game, which should be the focal point of the offense. Teller has a shot to be the long-term answer at that spot as well while Kush is more of a versatile role player.