Odell Beckham Clarifies Statement That Shouldn't Require Clarification

Pete Smith

In his media availability, Beckham said the Browns needed to do a number things better, using the word 'we' throughout. He also mentioned his plans to improve in the offseason, inferring it was with the intent to be better for the Browns. Beckham noted he wasn't happy with his production this year, which is the context he was discussing his improvement, but made it clear that winning is above everything else.

Nevertheless, that didn't stop speculation from various outlets that Beckham was unclear about wanting to be with the Cleveland Browns, suggesting that he was somehow unhappy being here, that he might want to be traded. He still said there's nowhere else he'd rather be, which is pretty clear.

Any suggestion about not knowing where he'd be in 2020 is due to the fact he doesn't control his destiny. The Browns and general manager John Dorsey do. Dorsey could trade Beckham, whether Beckham wants to go or not. With his current contract no longer has bonus money attached since he being traded from the New York Giants, it's an easy move to make. That is, unless they re-do the contract to include guaranteed money, which would insure Beckham is here for the long-term. This seems to be what Beckham's referring to when it comes to uncertainty.

At some point, people need take Beckham at his word or just say they don't believe him.

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

OBJ needs a big market team to play for, it has become more and more noticeable as the year went on