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The Cleveland Browns loss to the now 2-14 Cincinnati Bengals put a cap on the season and really a bow on top of another bad year for Cleveland football. Browns were never going to win a super bowl this season, or even make a playoff run. But, there was the talent on the roster to win more games and perhaps actually make the playoffs. Finishing the season 6-10, Cleveland ended up being one of the worst teams in football when it comes to the wins and loss column.

Changes are coming for the Browns, head coach Freddie Kitchens being gone is one of them already known. In the gut punch of a loss to Cincinnati, Cleveland left Paul Brown Stadium with a better draft pick. With wins by the New York Jets and Denver Broncos, the Cleveland Browns will be picking 10th in the 2020 NFL Draft. Cleveland will pick two spots behind the 5-9-1 Arizona Cardinals, who fell just short of the Los Angeles Rams.

Before the season started, if you said that Cleveland will have a top 10 pick, you would have been called crazy by many people. But, you would have been right in the long run. With the talent the roster has, the ability to add a top 10 pick to this team next season can only mean good things and will make the Browns coaching job that much shinier to the coaches who hope to be in Cleveland running things.

Cleveland under achieving this season gave them a top 10 pick in return, which they could really use. Browns will undoubtedly look for an offensive tackle with that pick, if they can get one there that fits the value. Andrew Thomas out of Georgia likely isn’t there as he could be selected in the top six. But, anything can happen and if the Browns decide Thomas is really their guy they could trade up if they wanted to, most likely.

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If the offensive tackle position isn’t addressed in free agency and it may not be, other names like Tristan Wirfs out of Iowa or Jedrick Wills Jr. from Alabama. Watch those names for the Browns if they address their offensive tackle with the 10th pick in the draft.

If the offensive line is solved in free agency, which is unlikely and probably should be done through the draft, watch for the Browns to go potentially safety or linebacker, both will be holes, but could be fixed in free agency. Clemson’s Isaiah Simmons and Oklahoma’s Kenneth Murray would be intriguing to the Cleveland Browns defense.

Past Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry there are questions at receiver. If the above fails, Cleveland could turn to selecting a receiver. Henry Ruggs from Alabama and Tee Higgins of Clemson are two players that were solid in college and project to have better pro careers. These will all be options for the Cleveland Browns with that number 10 pick.

Trading back is always an option if the front office doesn’t like what they have to choose from with the tenth selection in the 2020 NFL Draft. Cleveland has quite a few depth fixes and holes to fill out in the 2020 free agency period, as well as the 2020 NFL Draft. The four game losing streak mid season is to blame for the spot in the draft, all though it won’t be so bad for the fans once the bad season affect wears off.