Drew Forbes really likes playing guard

Pete Smith

After a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and helping out at a youth camp, a few Cleveland Browns rookies took some questions. Rookie Drew Forbes was asked about what he's been doing and where he feels comfortable.

Forbes is quick to hedge that it's about how many reps he's taken, but he thinks he's built well to play guard and felt the most comfortable there. When he was asked about the difference from playing tackle to playing guard, he noted that it's just faster to contact.

And for a guy like Forbes, who loves contract, it's easy to understand why he likes guard. There's less of a game of cat and mouse like there is at tackle with the amount of space there can be to edge players and when to engage. Guards are hands on so quickly that it enables him to use his strength and leverage to win. At this age and experience level, it's easy to understand why that would be more comfortable and it plays to his strengths.

The Browns have to be hoping that he can become an effective tackle as it would make their offensive line room better to have that kind of versatility. Forbes being good enough to contribute at any position in 2020 or 2021 is great, but if it at guard and the Browns continue with their best five mentality, the team could once again be discussing the possibility of moving Joel Bitonio out to tackle. Speaking of Bitonio, it's almost eerie how similar some of the answer Forbes gives sound like the Browns second team All-Pro.