Greg Newsome Dumps Agency

The Cleveland Browns first round corner has opted to leave the sports agency CAA with his rookie deal still to be signed.
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Greg Newsome has elected to leave CAA Agency, as noted by Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal. Newsome, the 26th overall pick of the 2021 NFL Draft is one of two draft picks that has yet to sign their rookie contracts with the Cleveland Browns. The other is Anthony Schwartz, who was selected in the third round.

There is a five day waiting period before Newsome can hire another agent per NFLPA rules. Should he choose, he could sign his contract with the Browns without an agent. Nevertheless, that could certainly hold up the process of getting signed to his rookie deal.

The Browns aren't scheduled to open training camp until July 27th, so any worries about holdouts or extended negotiations are premature at this point. Newsome will likely hire an agent who he views as a better fit for him.

The agency he hires could also help him when it comes to marketing opportunities. Newsome has personally lobbied for an endorsement deal with Crocs as shown on an episode of Building the Browns.

Newsome has been attending OTA's with the Browns, so at this point, this process has had absolutely no impact on his status with the Browns. It could simply mean a slight delay in contract negotiations as he looks to ink what is mostly a pre-negotiated contract because of how rookie play is slotted according to the collective bargaining agreement.

The Browns have hopes that Newsome can be a productive corner in a defense they have overhauled the past year in hopes of winning a Super Bowl.

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