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John Dorsey Out as Cleveland Browns GM, Three Options That Could Replace Him

The Cleveland Browns have removed John Dorsey as the team's general manager. There are a few options that could take over, including an in-house option, one barely removed and then the outsider option.

The Cleveland Browns have moved on from John Dorsey as general manager of the Cleveland Browns. Alonzo Highsmith may be going with him. This had everything to do with the direction of the team and where it goes next in terms of their head coaching hire, getting everyone on the same page. Multiple coaching candidates the Browns are interested in interviewing would not have wanted to work with Dorsey.

The question now becomes an interesting one as to who the next general manager of the Browns will be and the team could go a number of different routes. One person who hasn't been mentioned as being fired or at all to this point is Eliot Wolf, the assistant general manager. It was believed that when Wolf was hired by the Browns, he was close to getting a general manager job of his own. That theoretically is in play with the Browns. He could also remain in the same position he is in now.

The Haslams adored Andrew Berry, who was with the team during Sashi Brown's reign as Executive Vice President and through the first year of Dorsey's tenure. He took a promotion with the Philadelphia Eagles, which was a good opportunity for him. It also got him out of what was largely a former Green Bay Packers operation.

Paul DePodesta, the team's Chief Strategy Officer may be a beneficiary of the move to remove Dorsey as it might mean he has more of a voice in the decision making of the team. DePodesta is one of the people who greatly admired Berry and both are believed to have been pushing for the hire of Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski.

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Whether it's Stefanski or another option that's just as agreeable, the Browns could hire Berry to be their GM who then hires Stefanski to be the head coach. Stefanski is one of the coaches that wasn't likely to be a good fit with Dorsey, who had just passed him over for Freddie Kitchens.

A third option is essentially the outsider option. The Browns are interviewing Josh McDaniels, the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots. It's been reportedly and widely believed that if he takes a head coaching job somewhere, he will want to bring some of his own personnel influence with him. Many assume that means Nick Caserio, but it may also mean Dave Ziegler. Caserio would likely be as general manager while Ziegler certainly could be, but theoretically could be a slightly smaller, but still vital role in the operation.

Eliot Wolf may fit in all of those setups or he may not fit in any. While he did come in with Dorsey and Highsmith, he's always been viewed as his own man and will make his own decision as a result.