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Kareem Hunt's Father Weighs in on Baker Mayfield

As if the Cleveland Browns were not dealing with enough after a disappointing loss against the Baltimore Ravens, another parent has weighed in with their thoughts on the quarterback.

Kareem Hunt Sr., the father of the Cleveland Browns running back decided to weigh in on social media to criticize quarterback Baker Mayfield. Apparently taking a cue from Odell Beckham's dad, Hunt felt he was qualified to narrow down the Browns issues on offense to just one player, their quarterback.

In fact, he noted Beckham's father if only to point out that he wasn't going to post film. In this case, it might have helped.

What makes this stand out is the context that Hunt was out the previous five games with an injured calf. He only had just retuned for the Browns this week and he was still somewhat limited. Hunt was unable to play the final drive of the game as his leg tightened up, which drew plenty of criticism in the moment before that detail was known.

There was an outpouring of people furious that D'Ernest Johnson was in the game.

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Perhaps frustrations boiling over from an aggravating game for the offense including his son, it may have been sitting in Hunt's drafts for the past month and a half waiting for his son to be on the field, so he could unleash it. Were that the case, maybe the statement would have been clearer.

Nevertheless, in a season of frustration and a world that continues to deal with any number of issues, parents of players and spouses are weighing in at a higher rate and there is a larger appetite for all of it, which may say more about the season than anything else.

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