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Browns’ Baker Mayfield Not Concerned When New Contract Comes, Focused On 2021 Season

Baker Mayfield made a point he’s not concerned with when the new contract comes along. Focused on the 2021 season and what is in front of him and his team.

Baker Mayfield has lifted up Cleveland from the second he took his first snap against the New York Jets. As a rookie Mayfield put a breath of fresh air into the city that hadn’t been felt in quite some time. Now, it is just about time to pay the guy who has helped turn this thing around.

Following Sundays’ scrimmage, Mayfield gave an interview. The inevitable happened, contract talk  was brought up as it often will be between now and whenever a deal gets done. Mayfield was asked if he cared much if the extension gets done before the season or not.

“I’m not doing the negotiations, so quite frankly, I don’t give a damn,” Mayfield said.

Pointing toward the fact that his agent is handling contract negotiations. Which, happens 9/10 times unless you are Lamar Jackson and self-represent.

Mayfield seemed a little aggravated with the contract questions, which is totally fine. He is leading a team that has championship aspirations and is in the heart of training camp. There is no problem there at all.

Coming from the same class as Josh Allen, Mayfield will always be compared to him. The same as Lamar Jackson and Sam Darnold, at one point Josh Rosen too.

I think Josh is a great guy. Going through that process with him (draft), I’m very happy for him,” Mayfield said.

Like Allen, Mayfield too is in a city that really embraces football. Through the good and all of the bad, Browns fans have been great. Mayfield has bought in from day one and soon his bank account will reap the benefits. For now number six is content on making things happen this season and signing on the line when he is needed.