Mock Draft Monday: Browns Make Bold Trade For Pass Rusher

In a mock draft from Zack Patraw of NFL Draft Bible, the Cleveland Browns made a bold trade to address their need of a pass rusher opposite Myles Garrett and get Baker Mayfield a deep threat.
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One of the biggest issues the Cleveland Browns are hoping to address this offseason is pass rusher as illustrated by their pursuit of J.J. Watt, so when Zack Patraw of NFL Draft Bible releases a mock draft where the Browns make a big trade to go up and get Kwity Page, it's worth noting.

The Browns move all the way up to 14th pick in a swap with the Minnesota Vikings to land Paye, who is deal for what the Browns seek in a defensive end. Paye is a tremendous athlete with the size and length they seem to favor. At a listed 6'4" 272 pounds, Paye is stout at the point of attack and a good run defender who has major upside as a pass rusher.

He posted good production as a junior with 26 solo tackles (5.5 percent), 12.5 tackles for loss (16 percent) and 6.5 sacks (18 percent). His senior season, he did post elite production, but with a caveat that it was only in four games. Still, posting 7.2 percent solo tackle market share, 25 percent of their tackles for loss and and 33 percent of their sacks in those contests is improvement and if that's the track he's on, it portends great things the NFL.

Paye still isn't a particularly polished player yet, often winning on his overwhelming physical ability at this point. If, however, he gets to the NFL and can refine his technique and improve, he can be a really nice option across from Myles Garrett for years.

They pay a heavy price to make the move up the board. In the projected trade, the Browns give up their second round pick this year as well as next. In that sense, the move is similar to the one the New Orleans Saints made to acquire in Marcus Davenport. The Saints gave up a first round pick to move and get Davenport, who is a nice player, but he wasn't quite good enough fast enough to capitalize on the window the Saints had, failing to win the Super Bowl.

That's the pressure on this move to get Paye. Tremendous prospect, but he needs to be good quickly if the Browns are to capitalize on the current window they have.

The Browns still had both of their picks in the third round, opting to grab a wide receiver and another pass rusher.

90. Tylan Wallace, WR Oklahoma State

Wallace has been a prolific receiver for the Cowboys, posting elite production for the past two seasons and is an incredibly polished deep threat. He may not end up being a burner the way Dyami Brown out of North Carolina might be, but he understands how to use his body to box opponents, track the ball and make difficult catches down the field.

He's not just a deep threat. Wallace is able to create separation on short and intermediate throws as well. At the Senior Bowl, Wallace dominated the competition and often made it look easy.

There are concerns about his strength and being able to hold up through contact from NFL defensive backs as well as question marks about his health. Wallace suffered a torn ACL in 2019, so teams will want to investigate it.

92. Ronnie Perkins, EDGE Oklahoma

If the Browns want an undersized speed player that can be a designated pass rusher off the left side, Perkins is a worthwhile option. He's posted great production for the past two seasons at Oklahoma and while he relies on speed, he can run a tackle up the field and then drive into his chest to create pressure.

Perkins is not particularly strong and when he can't get by on his initial move, he tends to get shortcircuited. Nevertheless, with a unit that includes the likes of Myles Garrett, Sheldon Richardson and would have Kwity Paye, Perkins could find himself isolated on players that can't deal with his speed and generate quick pressure.

Based on the board, I would take Jevon Holland, the safety out of Oregon here to address the hole in their secondary.

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