If Cowboys Want Njoku, It's News To Them

Pete Smith

After news that David Njoku was demanding a trade from the Cleveland Browns, Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com was reporting that the Dallas Cowboys were interested in the former first round pick.

Hopefully for Njoku's sake, it wasn't his new agent, Drew Rosenhaus acting as the source to try to generate demand, since Mike Fisher of Cowboys Maven looked into the rumor and found there's nothing to it. That wouldn't make for a great first impression on his newly signed client.

Not only did Fisher find from two different sources that the Cowboys weren't interested, but the money quote from Fisher involved Njoku's agent situation.

"In fact, the Cowboys front office - well-known to be very astute when it comes to crossing the i's and dotting the t's - isn't even aware that Njoku's new agent is Rosenhaus. You would think that if Dallas is in the middle of fishing around for a deal involving Njoku and Rosenhaus - an agent who this organization knows well - that Dallas would at least know that Rosenhaus is actually their "target's'' agent."

Perhaps the Cowboys, now properly informed of Njoku's representation, will look into the possibility of acquiring him from the Browns, but at least for momemt, there's nothing to that rumor.

None of this may matter as the Browns committed to keep Njoku for the next two seasons and reportedly have no interest in trading him. The Browns and new head coach Kevin Stefanski are intent on utilizing a lot of two tight end sets and the Browns want Njoku to be paired with free agent signee Austin Hooper.

The Browns drafted Harrison Bryant out of Florida Atlantic in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He's not built to be an inline tight end at this point, which is one of the benefits Njoku can offer. The team also has Stephen Carlson, but he's more suited to play in space and Pharaoh Brown doesn't offer anywhere near the talent Njoku does.

Njoku may want out, but it doesn't sound like he'll be going to the Cowboys or anywhere else any time soon.