Odell Beckham Jr. Gives Glimpse at How Recovery is Going Through Instagram Story


Yesterday, Odell Beckham Jr. posted a story on Instagram where he was running on a treadmill, which looked more like a sprint. This comes just about four weeks after he underwent successful core muscle surgery in Philadelphia.

The injury hampered the star receiver for basically the whole season, but he fought through it and still managed a thousand yard season. Even if it was his lowest yardage output when playing a full season, it was quite impressive to do so while playing injured all year. Beckham admitted that the injury didn’t allow him to go 100% all the time.

He couldn’t open up how he wanted to in his routes, couldn’t cut as quick as he wanted to and overall just wasn’t himself. Opting to have the surgery in the off-season was a must so that he comes into training camp fully healthy. Running just a few weeks after the surgery shows the strides that Odell has made in his recovery and is a good sign for the Cleveland Browns.

While his best friend just had surgery, Odell seems to be recovering quite well and we’re sure Jarvis Landry will as well, even if it takes a little longer. Best case scenario for the Browns is if both players are ready to go by mid preseason so they have more reps down than the previous season.