Odell Beckham Jr. Shuts Down Any Trade Rumors, “We Got Unfinished Business”


Odell Beckham Jr. has been the part of multiple trade rumors from the time he has stepped in Cleveland. Part of it may be just the noise his name brings for outlets, who’s to say. However, fans and others started talking about the possibility of the star wide receiver being traded once again after the New England Patriots signed Cam Newton. Beckham took to Twitter to quickly shut that down. The two had been close lately, putting in a lot of offseason work together.

The statement of “we got unfinished business” will certainly delight any Browns fan that reads those words. Beckham is sighting he has bigger plans for his time in Cleveland, far better than last years all-around failure. The great thing about it is, Browns fans will see a healthy OBJ for the first time next season.

Beckham’s first year with Cleveland he spent basically the whole season playing injured. Though, him and Jarvis Landry were able to help each other pull through, like any best friends would do. A thousand yard season is often a success for any receiver, but Beckham holds himself to a higher standard, one he hopes to reach in Cleveland. In fact, many think he will fit right in with the new staff’s plans.

With a big time playmaker of Beckham’s stature shutting down any trade rumors, Cleveland fans can feel safe that those rumors are dead. They may heat back up depending on what happens next year, let’s see if we have a season first. Patriots fans with dreams that Cam Newton will be throwing to Odell Beckham next season will stay just that, dreams.