Rapoport: Odell Beckham Has Sports Hernia, Which Would Explain A Lot

Pete Smith

According to a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham has been dealing with a sports hernia this season, which will require surgery to properly address. Beckham simply hasn't been the player the Browns were hoping he would be this season and this would be a major reason for that decline.

Beckham has been on the injury report, basically the entire season, with a groin injury, which was clearly this hernia. He has missed or been limited in a lot of practices as a result. Beckham has made some incredible plays this season, but something hasn't been right with him. The injury is remarkably painful to deal with, even just getting through daily life.

On some level, this is a relief. It explains so much about decisions made during games and the season in general. Beckham has been used almost as a decoy at times, creating opportunities for Jarvis Landry. This would be somewhat logical, given the injury.

Freddie Kitchens has received substantial criticism about his inability to maximize Beckham, since he's arrived in Cleveland. It was one reason that some felt he wasn't capable of being the head coach of the team. With this news, it helps explain the actions of Kitchens and it's interesting that this has been going on for months and this is the first mention of the situation.

This also provides significant hope for 2020. A healthy Beckham should be substantially better for the Browns, for Baker Mayfield. He's still on pace for 1,000 yards this season, which is impressive considering the circumstances. There's so much more ability in there with him and combined with other issues, such as the injury to David Njoku, it provides reason to believe the team will bounce back in a major way next season.