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Reports: John Dorsey's Job In Doubt, Could be Mutual, Alonzo Highsmith May Go Too

The status of Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey is up in the air with reports suggesting he's likely to be out or already is. It could be a mutual decision, but it seems in no small part due to the direction they want to go with head coach.

There are all kinds of reports circulating about the status of general manager John Dorsey with the Cleveland Browns. Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that multiple sources are saying he's already out while an earlier report from along with Chris Mortenson suggested that his job status was in doubt, but that there would be meetings to sort out details.

John Dorsey presided over the Browns as general manager for two seasons and made a number of big moves to acquire talent, but he also missed on a ton of draft picks and signings. He was also the biggest voice behind the hiring of Freddie Kitchens as head coach.

And that's where some of the issues with Dorsey start, but hardly where they end. When Kitchens was hired, there were factions pushing for Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski, including Paul DePodesta, the team's Chief Strategy Officer. This could signal a move to give DePodesta more of a voice within the organization.

This doesn't necessarily mean that Dorsey is being fired either. It may be more mutual than that, especially if ownership is more inclined to give more voice to DePodesta. The Browns are set to interview both Stefanski and New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Neither is likely to want any part of Dorsey in the front office, which is another factor in such a move.

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There are a few players that could be impacted by Dorsey leaving including but not limited to tight end David Njoku and pending free agent linebacker Joe Schobert. Both might have a better chance of remaining with the Browns without Dorsey in the building.

Mary Kay Cabot is reporting that Alonzo Highsmith is likely to go when Dorsey does. One person who has not been mentioned thus far is Eliot Wolf and there might be a good reason for that. Many believe he was a step away from becoming a general manager somewhere and the Browns could be that team. He could also leave later.

There is much still to be determined, but beyond any mistakes Dorsey has made, which are numerous, the larger issue for him is he a big ego with a loud voice that rubs some people the wrong way. And the Browns may be more inclined to avoid any bad marriages and get a more streamlined approach with whichever coach they ultimately hire.