Sheldon Richardson Comments On How Cleveland Browns Handled His Situation

Newly signed Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson comments on the way Cleveland handed his situation.
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Sheldon Richardson is now a member of the Minnesota Vikings for a second tenure. A move that if you are a Browns fan, you probably didn’t picture just a couple of months ago. The team cut Richardson in mid-April after landing Jadeveon Clowney. The move saved Cleveland about 12 million dollars.

Cleveland brought in a pair of rookie defensive tackles to help ease the loss and signed a free agent tackle that has been away from the game for awhile. Richardson put out a comment to Vikings media today that goes to show he was not a fan of the way cleveland handled his situation.

Richardson, if cut sooner likely could have saw a nice payday in free agency. A player that has played well throughout his career and is as good as the ones who did receive paydays this offseason. It is a business, a tough one at that, though the Browns could have done better by Richardson in cutting him sooner. A player that bought in to Cleveland from the second he was there and clearly hated having to leave the city.

Best case scenario is Richardson plays well for the Vikings this season and earns himself at least one more solid contract in the NFL. It could be tough for the 30-year old as he will likely be a rotational piece. The comment by Richardson points to the fact that he may not have been interested in returning to the Browns, as previously suggested.